Access Introduction/Intermediate

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This course introduces the skills necessary for setting up and using database tables in Access.

Course Details

This course introduces the skills necessary for setting up and using database tables in Access. It includes tasks to get started; create, edit, and work with tables; and set field properties. Students will also learn how to find, filter, print data and create queries using design view and produce reports.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending this course:

  • Knowledge and experience of using a Windows environment


There is currently no examination associated with this course

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Exploring Access

  • Starting Access
  • Working with the Ribbon
  • Opening and Existing Database
  • Using Database Objects
  • Understanding Database Principles

Lesson 2: Creating Tables

  • Creating a New Database
  • Designing Tables
  • Adding Field Names
  • Adding Field Descriptions
  • Assigning Data Types
  • Setting a Primary Key

Lesson 3: Working With Tables

  • Navigating Fields in Tables
  • Adding Records
  • Editing Records
  • Saving Records
  • Displaying Total Rows

Lesson 4: Editing Tables

  • Changing the Row/Column Height
  • Hiding a Column
  • Freezing a Column
  • Moving Columns
  • Cell Effects

Lesson 5: Creating Relationships

  • Using Related Tables
  • Creating a Relationship between Tables
  • Setting Referential Integrity
  • Viewing Subdatasheets

Lesson 6: Finding and Filtering Data

  • Finding Specific Records
  • Using Replace
  • Sorting Records
  • Applying/Removing a Filter

Lesson 7: Printing Data

  • Printing Table Data
  • Changing the Page Setup
  • Using Print Preview

Lesson 8: Using Simple Queries

  • Using the Query Wizard
  • Creating a Query in Design View
  • Opening a Query
  • Adding a Table to a Query
  • Joining Tables in a Query
  • Running a Query

Lesson 9: Modifying Query Results

  • Sorting a Query
  • Adding Criteria to a Query
  • Hiding a Field in a Query

Lesson 10: Analyzing Tables

  • Analyzing a table
  • Using Relationships in Splits
  • Using the Table Analyzer Wizard
  • Using the Perfromance Analyser

LEsson 11: Creating Basic Forms

  • Viewing Records in a Form
  • Printing Records in a Form
  • Basing a Form on a Query
  • Using the Form Wizard

Lesson 12: Creating Basic Reports

  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Using Print Preview – Reports
  • Grouping and Summarizing Report Data

Lesson 13: Modifying Tables

  • Inserting a Column into a Table
  • Inserting a Lookup Column
  • Inserting a Hyperlink Column

Lesson 14: Setting Field Properties

  • Using Field Properties
  • Limiting Field Size
  • Setting Formats
  • Setting Validation Rules
  • Creating an Input Mask
  • Typing a Lookup List
  • Modifying Lookup Properties

Lesson 15: Using Operators in Queries

  • Using Comparison Operators
  • Using And/Or Conditions
  • Using the Between And Operator
  • Using the Expression Builder
  • Using a Wildcard Character

Lesson 16: Designing Advanced Queries

  • Setting Top Values
  • Creating a Calculated Field
  • Creating a Function Query
  • Creating a Parameter Query
  • Using Multivalued Fields
  • Creating a Concatenation in a Query

Lesson 17: Creating Action Queries

  • Creating a Make-Table Query
  • Creating an Update Query
  • Creating an Append Query
  • Creating a Delete Query

Lesson 18: Using Advanced Query Wizards

  • Using the Crosstab Query Wizard
  • Using the Find Duplicates Query Wizard
  • Using the Find Unmatched Query Wizard

Lesson 19: Using Advanced Database Features

  • Importing Data
  • Linking Data to an Access Table
  • Exploring Data
  • Converting Files
  • Printing a Relationship Document
  • Compacting a Database

Lesson 20: Using Controls and Layouts

  • Using Controls
  • Moving Controls
  • Using Stacked/Tabular Layouts
  • Viewing the Properties of an Object
  • Changing a Control Property

Lesson 21: Manipulating Form Controls in Design View

  • Adding Fields
  • Selecting Adjacent/Non-adjacent Controls
  • Sizing Controls
  • Aligning Controls
  • Spacing Controls

Lesson 22: Using Design View

  • Using the Toolbox
  • Adding a Label
  • Adding an Image

Lesson 23: Using Advanced Form Design

  • Creating a List Box
  • Adding a Logic Control
  • Creating an Option Group
  • Setting Tab Orders
  • Adding Form Headers and Footers

Lesson 24: Using Editing Tools

  • Changing the Font
  • Applying Special Effects
  • Changing Fill and Background Colours
  • Formatting Lines and Borders
  • Conditional Formatting

Lesson 25: Using Advanced Report Design

  • Adding Report Section in Design View
  • Creating a Calculated Control
  • Grouping Data in a Report
  • Creating Group Headers and Footers
  • Creating a Running Summary
  • Page Breaks

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