Can your business survive with no data, no emails, no telecoms, no premises ?

Disaster recovery is not just for big business we at ITCS can help

Disaster Recovery Isn’t Just For Big Business

Business-continuity and disaster recovery plans are a must for smaller companies too! In smaller companies it is amazing how something bad has to happen before investment is seen as a good idea. Small businesses may have more to lose than large companies when a disaster – natural or otherwise – strikes. Because of costs or lack of resources, many smaller companies have less-rigorous business-continuity plans in place, and some have no formal processes at all.

In the event of a disaster, what would you do, what plan would you follow to get your business back up and ruining ?

Typical Example:

Fire breaks out at 18:00, directors were at the site by 18:30. After their initial assessment they realise there is no way they will be back in the building in the morning, and have massive concern on how they will manage the business. At 19:30 ITCS receive a call to explain what has happened, at which point the directors are asked how soon they wish to use our DR site. The directors ask for immediate access, to initiate the DR plan and assisted by ITCS staff, on call engineers are immediately assigned to recover the data from offsite backups to a loan server at ITCS offices. Telephone lines are redirected to the ITCS DR suite, and all email redirection is put in place to allow the core team to function by 08:00 the following morning. All Server, PC, Telephone hardware is provided at ITCS, for use by the client until sufficient plans are put in place to get their office location back on line.

  • Email Redirection

  • Offsite Data Backups

  • Daily Backup Monitoring

  • Data Recovery Tests

  • Failover Telecoms

  • Emergency Office Location

  • IT Consultancy to advise through your DR

  • Server, PC, & Telephone Loan

ITCS are able to provide cost effective solutions to this problem.

A well thought out disaster recovery plan is built around the requirements and circumstances of an individual business, as well as the potential damages and degree of risk and exposure that their IT infrastructures are exposed to.

The advantages of disaster recovery planning can be numerous, touching upon many spheres of the business:

  • Ability to maintain, or resume, operational trading

  • Reducing downtime through the mitigation of disasters

  • Increases confidence of associates, clients, investors and business partners.

  • Safeguarding reputation, brand and image

  • Prevents loss of customers to competitors due to inability to trade

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