Excel Intermediate

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This course introduces the skills necessary for using multiple worksheets and using Excel as a database.

Course Details

This course introduces the skills necessary for using multiple worksheets and using Excel as a database. It includes tasks to create a database, sort data, and work with the data form. Students will also learn how to use AutoFilter, advanced filters, and database function formulas. This course also covers the charting features of Excel and students will learn how to generate graphs from data held in their worksheets. Students will also learn how to use some of the additional features in Excel 2013.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Attended the Excel Introduction course or have a working knowledge of the subject


There is currently no examination associated with this course

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Using Multiple Worksheets

  • Navigating Between Worksheets
  • Selecting Worksheets
  • Renaming Worksheets
  • Colouring Worksheets
  • Inserting/Deleting Worksheets
  • Printing Seleted Worksheets

Lesson 2: Managing Worksheets

  • Copying/Moving Worksheets
  • Grouping Worksheets
  • Creating 3D Formulas
  • Using 3D Ranges in Functions

Lesson 3: Using Range Names

  • Assigning Names
  • Jumping to Named Ranges
  • Using Range Names in Formulas
  • Creating 3D Range Names

Lesson 4: Managing Data

  • Sorting Lists
  • Finding and Replacing Data

Lesson 5: Using Multiple Workbooks

  • Opening Multiple Workbooks
  • Cascading Workbooks
  • Comparing Mulitiple Workbooks
  • Saving a Workspace
  • Linking Multiple Workbooks

Lesson 6: Using AutoFilter

  • Enabling AutoFilter
  • Creating a Custom AutoFilter
  • Disabling AutoFilter

Lesson 7: Advanced Data Functions

  • Creating a Criteria Range
  • Using Comparison Criteria
  • Using Database Functions
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Creating a Table
  • Data Validation
  • Creating Slicers

Lesson 8: Creating Charts

  • Creating Charts
  • Changing the Chart Type
  • Modifying Chart Objects
  • Quick Charts
  • Recommended Charts

Lesson 9: Formatting Charts

  • Adding Chart Titles and Labels
  • Exploring a Pie Chart
  • Adjusting 3D View

Lesson 10: Advanced Charting Features

  • Adding and Removing Gridlines
  • Adding Data- Different Worksheets
  • Scaling
  • Trendlines
  • User Defined Charts
  • Using a Secondary Axis
  • Creating Chart Templates

Lesson 11: Sparklines

  • Adding Spartklines
  • Modifying Sparklines

Lesson 12: Working with Outlines

  • Applying an Outline
  • Modifying Settings
  • Creating Subtotals
  • Clearing an Outline

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