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Wayne’s IT Security Blog: The importance of using strong passwords

Wayne Harris, Compliance Officer at ITCS shares his monthly IT security blog – this month, he talks about the importance of using strong passwords OK, so we’ve secured the firewalls, Installed AntiVirus, filtered out the spam, locked down your desktop PC, encrypted your drives and enforced password complexity – what could possibly go wrong? Well,

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Welsh business telecoms provider welcomes iPhoneX – along with better mobile speeds for rural Wales

  Brian Stokes, Managing Director of Business Telecoms and IT Provider ITCS, discusses the launch of 1PhoneX and mobile connectivity issues for rural welsh businesses. As a business mobile provider, we’re pleased to see the release of the new iPhoneX. ITCS will be taking pre-orders from 27th Oct, with availability from 3rd Nov. Early uptake

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Need support for an Excel spreadsheet error?  Take heart – it could be worse!

Spreadsheets are still used throughout businesses in the UK – but they’ve also been blamed for some of the biggest slip ups. The problem is that spreadsheets are only as accurate as the information typed into them, and the slightest slip in a formula can cost a company literally millions of pounds. The trusty old

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Research finds just 9% of SMEs teach staff about IT security risks

it security from ITCS Bridgend

IT Security continues to be a key issue hitting the headlines for SME’s.  The ITCS team saw new research released today, which worryingly found that only 9% of SMEs offer training or send emails to educate staff about  IT security risks. Politecnico di Milano School of Management ran a Cyber Crime Observatory which analysed the

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Equifax data breach highlights need for IT security audits – it’s not ‘just an IT issue’, says ITCS.

IT security

Cyber security professionals are hot property at the moment, with a 70% increase in job vacancies across the sector. It’s therefore no surprise that that the ITCS IT security team are in constant demand. The recent Equifax data breach and the Wannacry ransomware attack have made world headlines, highlighting the need for robust IT security,

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How to Write a Great Blog Post that Google & Your Customers will Love!

Get blog post found by google

ITCS’s Lisa Baker shares how customers can write a great blog post that is Google-friendly and will also engage their target audience As one of the ‘in-house’ SEO experts for ITCS, and the Editor of several online magazines, I’m often asked by customers ‘how can I write a great blog post’? If you write a

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