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Tasks include working with Outlook basics and using Outlook messaging.

Course Details

Tasks include working with Outlook basics and using Outlook messaging. Students will learn how to manage messages, use the Address Book, and schedule with the Calendar. Students will also learn how to work with the Message window, format Outlook messages, and insert message components. Tasks include creating HTML messages, using Outlook messaging features, working with the Rules Wizard, handling junk mail.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending this course:

  • Knowledge and experience in using a Windows environment


There is currently no examination associated with this course

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Exploring Outlook

  • Using the Outlook Interface
  • Using Task Panes
  • Using the Ribbon
  • Using Backstage View
  • Using Key Tips
  • Using the QAT

Lesson 2: Sending and Receiving Messages

  • Using Outlook’s Email Feature
  • Sending a Message
  • Reading Messages in the Message Window
  • Using a Desktop Alert to Open a Message
  • Addressing Messages with the Address Book
  • Using the Unread Mail Search Folder
  • Viewing Sent Messages
  • Replying to a Message
  • Forwarding a Message
  • Reply Inline and Pop Out

Lesson 3: Using Outlook Messaging Features

  • Saving a Draft Version
  • Setting Tracking Options
  • Recalin a Message
  • Printing the Message

Lesson 4: Working With Components and Office

  • Attaching a File to a Message
  • Creating a Signature
  • Using Reading View and Reading an Attacment in Word

Lesson 5: Organizing Messages

  • Sorting ang Grouping Messages
  • Flagging a Message
  • Using the For Follow Up Search Folder
  • Flagging a Message with a Reminder
  • Creating a New Folder
  • Creating a Search Folder
  • Moving a Message to a Different Folder
  • Emptying the Deleted Items Folder
  • Recovering Deleted Items
  • Quick Steps

Lesson 6: Scheduling with the Calendar

  • Navigating the Calendar
  • Scheduling a New Appointment
  • Scheduling an Event
  • Setting a Calendar Item as Recurring
  • Viewing Side by Side Calendars
  • Setting Permissions
  • Using Calendar Overlay Mode
  • Adding Other Mailboxes
  • Sending From Different Accounts
  • Accessing Mail From Different Accounts

Lesson 7: Managing Meetings

  • Scheduling a Meeting
  • Using Schedule View to Schedule a Meeting
  • Accepting /Deleting Meeting Requests
  • Tracking Meeting Responses
  • Updating a Meeting
  • Creating Group Calendars

Lesson 8: Using The People Pane

  • Adding a Contact
  • Flagging a Contact for Follow up
  • E-mailing an Electronic Business Card
  • Tracking all Activities for a Contact
  • Creating a Contact Group
  • Deleting a Contact
  • Categorising Contacts

Lesson 9: Working with Tasks

  • Adding a Task
  • Creating a Recurring Task
  • Marking a Task Complete
  • Assigning a Task to another Outlook User
  • Sending a Status Report

Lesson 10: Organising Outlook Items

  • modifying the Master Category List
  • Setting the Quick Click Category
  • Using Instant Search
  • Using Conditional Formatting

Lesson 11: Formatting Outlook Messages

  • Inserting a File as Text into a Message
  • Running the Spelling and Grammar Checker
  • Using Stationary to Create a Message

Lesson 12: Working with Rules

  • Creating a Rule Based on a Message
  • Deleting a Rule
  • Changing the Value of a Rule
  • Managing Alerts
  • Using the Out of Office Assistant

Lesson 13: Working with Files and Applications

  • Importing Data into an Outlook Folder
  • Exporting Outlook Data
  • Sending outlook Items

Lesson 14: Working with Junk Mail

  • Setting Junk Email Options
  • Adding to the Junk Filter Lists
  • Adding Safe Senders

Lesson 15: Setting Message and Security Options

  • Setting Email Options
  • Setting Default Message Fonts
  • Changing Desktop Alert Settings

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