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This course introduces the skills necessary for developing presentations.

Course Details

This course introduces the skills necessary for developing presentations. It includes tasks to create, enhance, and print presentation slides; Advanced tasks such as slide transitions, custom animation, using slide masters and Outline view are also covered to mention but a few.


  • There is currently no examination associated with this course

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Exploring PowerPoint

  • Starting PowerPoint
  • Using the Interface
  • Themed Starts

Lesson 2: Using Basic Presentation Skills

  • Entering Text into a Presentation
  • Saving a New Presentation
  • Creating a New Presentation
  • Adding a New Slide

Lesson 3: Using Outline View

  • Working Outline View
  • Creating a Bulleted List
  • Demoting and Promoting Text lines
  • Rearranging Slides in Outline View
  • Creating Sections

Lesson 4: Editing and Proofing Text

  • Selecting Text
  • Deleting Slide Items
  • Moving/Copying Text Between Slides
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Running the Spelling Checker
  • Importing Text from Word

Lesson 5: Printing

  • Printing Presentations
  • Printing Slides
  • Printing Speaker Notes
  • Printing Outlines
  • Printing Handouts

Lesson 6: Formatting Presentation Text

  • Formatting Text
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Changing Text Alignment
  • Modifying Paragraph Spacing
  • Word Art
  • Applying Sprcial Effects

Lesson 7: Formatting Bullets and Numbers

  • Adding and Removing Bullets
  • Adding and Removing Numbers
  • Customising Bullets and Numbers

Lesson 8: Using Slide Sorter View

  • Moving Slides in Slide Sorter View
  • Copying Slides in Slide Sorter View
  • Deleting Slides in Slide Sorter View

Lesson 9: Working with Presentations

  • Creating a Custom Layout
  • Applying a Theme
  • Applying a Background Style
  • Adding Speaker Notes
  • Switching Views

Lesson 10: Editing Multiple Presentations

  • Viewing Multiple Presentations
  • Copying Text Between Presentations
  • Copying Slides Between Presentations

Lesson 11: Using Graphic Images

  • Working with Graphics
  • Using the Clip Art From Online Pictures
  • Inserting a Picture
  • Formatting a Graphic
  • Applying a Picture Style
  • Using Smart Guides

Lesson 12: Using the Slide Show View

  • Running a Slide Show
  • Navigating a Slide Show
  • Setting Slide Transitions
  • Creating a Custom Show
  • Using Presenter View

Lesson 13: Creating Basic Charts

  • Creating a Chart
  • Deleting Data from the Data Sheet
  • Entering Data into the Datasheet
  • Changing the Chart Type

Lesson 14: Using Tables

  • Creating a PowerPoint Table
  • Inserting a Word Table
  • Editing a Word Table
  • Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet

Lesson 15: Using SmartArt

  • Inserting SmartArt Objects
  • Formatting SmartArt
  • Resizing SmartArt

Lesso 16: Applying Special Effects

  • Animating Text and Objects
  • Setting Animation Timing
  • Animating a Chart
  • Inserting Sounds and Video
  • Play in Background Feature
  • Change Multi-media Settings

Lesson 17: Setting Up the Slide Show

  • Setting Automatic Slide Timing
  • Hiding a Slide
  • Rehearsing Slide Transition Timings

Lesson 18: Expanding a Slide Show

  • Creating a Custom Show
  • Creating a Hyperlink
  • Using an Action Button
  • Jumping to Another Presentation
  • Compressing Pictures

Lesson 19: Editing Presentation Masters

  • Formatting the Slide Master
  • Formatting the Title Master
  • Inserting a Slide Master
  • Inserting a New Design Master
  • Preserving a Slide Master

Lesson 20: Editing Notes and Handout Masters

  • Formatting the Notes Master
  • Adding a Notes Master Placeholder
  • Formatting the Handout Master

Lesson 21: Exporting Outlines and Slides

  • Exporting Notes and Handouts
  • Exporting an Outline to Word
  • Saving a Presentation as an Outline

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