Visio 2013

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Visio 2013

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Learn how to create a complex Organisation Chart or a Process Flow chart for your company. These are just two of the more popular features covered on the Microsoft Visio course. Following the competition of this one day course, you will have all the skills necessary to link files together, print professional looking drawings and export drawings to different files formats.

Course Outline

Lesson 1 –  The Visio Environment

Getting Started

Starting Microsoft Project

Choosing a Template

Creating a New Drawing

The Work Area

Navigating a Visio Drawing

Using Stencils

Manipulating Shapes

Task Panes


Visio Basics

Lesson 2 –  Drawing Tools

Duplicating Objects

Aligning and Spacing Objects

Grouping Objects



Drawing Tools

Lesson 3 –  Creating Basic Diagrams

Creating Basic Flowchart Diagrams

Connectors Stencil

Adding text to shapes

Auto Size

Adding Text Box

Manipulating Text

Adding a Theme

Creating an Organisation Chart


Creating Basic Diagrams

Lesson 4 –  Working with the Drawing Pages

Page Properties

Page Set Up

Background Pages

Linking Background to Foreground pages

Creating Links



Working with Drawing Pages

Lesson 5 –  Layout Techniques

Using Guides

Connection Points

Custom Properties

Define New Custom Properties

Creating Reports


Layout Techniques

Lesson 6 –  Technical Drawings

Using Layers

Drawing to Scale



Lesson 7 –  Working with Links


Shape Behaviour


Working with Links

Lesson 8 –  Cross-Functional Flowcharts

Cross-Functional Flowcharts


Cross-Functional Flowchart

Lesson 9 –  Stencils, Templates and Importing

Creating a Custom Stencil

Creating a Custom Template

Importing Excel into Visio

Lesson 10 –  Page Set up and Printing

Page Set-up

Advanced Page Set-up

Resize the Page by Dragging

Resize the Page to Fit The Shapes

Header and Footers


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