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Making the most of your business hours means using computer software efficiently. Sometimes an off-the-shelf product doesn’t quite cut it, which is where a custom tailor-made, bespoke software solution can help.
Here are six reasons why your business should consider bespoke software with ITCS Bridgend:

Efficient Time Management

Using multiple tools to try and keep your business on track can be stressful and waste valuable time. Bespoke software from ITCS will enable you to run your business using a single interface, keeping things simple and effective.

Better Organisation

Having a paper trail to deal with for appointments, meetings, and payments means data can easily be misplaced. Bespoke software from ITCS can include specially-designed organisational tools that allow your working day to run as smooth as possible.

Remain Operational 24/7

Never miss out on a sales opportunity whilst you’re out of office. Automate parts of your service and website functionality directly in your bespoke software from ITCS, and keep income rolling in even when you’re not there.

Additional Data Security

Bespoke software from ITCS can keep your data safe and secure in the case of any technical mishap. Never worry again about system crashes or losing work, and keep your business running efficiently at all times.

Keep Customers Happy

Store customer details securely in a database and keep track of buying behaviour with ease. Use your database to create targeted sales campaigns and offer customers a quality of service that stands out from competitors.

Agency Software

Whatever is on your plate, ITCS help you to manage them with ease. From top level tasks like overseeing all of your properties, to handling the daily nitty gritty by allocating tasks for individual negotiators, our clever nuts and bolts look after all aspects of your lettings and estate agency in one place – even across multiple branches.

“ITCS have many years of experience & expertise with software coding, and ITCS can create bespoke software packages that work for you, no matter what you do. Having your own specialised, tailor-made business software may sound daunting, but when you consider the benefits it is definitely worth the investment. ITCS Bridgend will be able to help you, get to grips with all the intricacies around the bespoke software creation your unique business requires”.

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