Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services for your Business

Disaster recovery services – guaranteed quick access to your business critical data – even in a crisis.

ITCS Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Historically, the main risks to businesses have been through fire/flood/theft etc.

However, with the world getting smaller in IT terms, Cybercrime on the increase, and your data getting larger it’s time to re-think your approach to data backup and recovery. Traditional on-site backup and recovery models still have their place, but have their limitations:

  • Backup once per day (single recovery point per day)

  • Manual swapout of backup media (point of failure if not managed correctly)

  • Full recovery may be time consuming (Recovery Time Objective)

  • Backup device hardware failure (Recovery Point Objective may not be met)

  • Risk of media not available (recovery may not be possible if all recovery media destroyed in the event of major fire at your premises).

Disaster Recovery As a Service – ITCS Private Cloud backup

Cloud back up and recovery services have many advantages and can be easily customised to your business needs.

  • Onsite backup – multiple backups per day, minimising data loss in the event of major incident

  • Cloud backup – Data replication to private cloud solution to ensure your data is safe in the event of a total loss at site.

  • Server Virtualisation – In the event of a major incident, your virtual server can be launched in our cloud services giving you access to your business information with minimal downtime

  • UK Private Cloud Storage – If you are bound by data sovereignty laws, you can be assured that your data will remain compliant

  • Cost effective and flexible solutions to fit all sizes of business and recovery objectives, move costs to Opex model (monthly charge) rather than capital expenditure of expensive solutions.

When disaster strikes, downtime can be expensive, and your hard earned reputation can be damaged. Disaster Recovery as a Service is designed to prevent this.

Disaster Recovery Planning & Objective Setting

Disaster Recovery Planning is more than just systems. As part of our disaster recovery services, we meet with your management team and key stakeholders to put a plan in place. No matter what happens, your business we be prepared – here’s what we cover:

  • Data size and location(s) – ensure all data is included in solution.

  • Hardware Onsite

  • Recovery point objective (how much data can you afford to lose?)

  • Recovery time objective (How much down time can you afford?)

Hardware Requirements/Configuration

Once a disaster recovery solution has been agreed, ITCS will provide and configure all necessary hardware for installation at customer site, configure data backups to meet recovery point objectives, replication and monitoring to ensure backup success and recovery services available.

Disaster Recovery Testing

ITCS will carry out testing of data recovery, success monitoring and server virtualisation to ensure Recovery Time Objectives are met.

Customer sign off

Documentation will be provided to customer on DR implementation and test records to ensure all objectives are met.

Ongoing support/Monitoring

As part of the monthly service charges, ITCS will monitor daily backup success, Cloud replication and monthly Virtualisation tests. Ongoing support will be provided, and in the event of the customer invoking their Business Continuity Plan, technical staff will be on hand to enable the Cloud virtual server environment and commence recovery procedures.

Contract D Customers – Business Continuity

Our Contract D customers benefit from the use of our own disaster recovery suite in Bridgend, and 2 days BCP testing per year to ensure that their plans remain fit for purpose, we can facilitate scenario testing and are able to assist on the drafting and review of your plans.

You can’t control disasters – but ITCS Disaster Recovery Services can keep you in control of your business.

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