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Congratulations to AerFin CEO Bob James on OBE award

We love to shout about good news from our customers, and an OBE is definitely something worth shouting about! AerFin CEO Bob James was recently awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to exports in the aerospace industry.   ITCS supply the company with business broadband and business telecoms, and our team

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1/3 of UK leaders say they’d rather pay a hacker than invest in IT security – is UK plc waiting for the ransom notes?

ITCS - important of IT Security

Like most of Britain’s IT Leaders. IT Specialists ITCS are acutely aware of the importance of robust IT security systems and the threat posed by the growth in cyber-attacks and ransomware.  However, it seems that outside the IT department, business leaders are not giving adequate priority to the business risks they face from IT security

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GDPR Deadline arrives – and the first lawsuits have been filed

ITCS - GDPR Consultancy

ITCS Managing Director Brian Stokes discusses the implications and immediate impact of the GDPR legislation with Welsh Business News: GDPR deadline arrives – and the first complaints are already filed (Please click above to read article)

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Adwords is giving me clicks – so where are all the customers?

ITCS offer adwords, PPC and SEO

Google Certified Adwords specialist, Lisa Baker, discusses why self-managed Adwords campaigns rarely attract the right traffic and what customers can do to fix it! It’s important to remember that customers may not actually buy online, but call your phone instead, especially if using a mobile, so your ads MAY be working better than you think. 

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‘World Password Day’ flooded businesses with password advice – that fell on deaf ears!

ITCS - passwords and IT security specialist

With each weekday bringing another new ‘World Day for xxxx’ on social media, businesses can’t help but become a tad cynical – but some advice is still worth following. May 3rd was officially World Password Day – a rather odd thing to celebrate, but nonetheless social media was flooded with advice for businesses on what

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BT continuing plans to close existing phone network, with VOIP only calls from 2025

ITCS Business Telecoms and Business Broadband

The UK’s main telephone network provider, BT, has this week announced plans to close the UK’s traditional PSTN telephone network in Britain. As a leading business telecoms provider in South Wales, we thought we’d offer our customers some insight into why this is happening. The old systems are out of date, having not changed much

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