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What is Server Management?

Small businesses may start out with limited IT needs, but as business and staff levels grow, your business will demand more from your IT systems.  Those systems will require careful server management to keep functioning at their best.

While most businesses start with a workstation doubling up as a server, as time grows they may need to have a dedicated server or even a series of servers to manage all their business applications.

Why Outsource Server Management?

Small Business Owners understand the importance of technology, but few small businesses have or can afford their own IT department to do the administration and monitoring tasks that are part of the day to day server management process – and it is often not cost effective to do so even for medium sized businesses.

Any server requires ongoing server management including maintenance, continual configuration & regular checking. Your server management is vital to your up-time and capacity.

However server management is a task that most non-IT professionals are ill-equipped to do without IT support.

That’s where outsourced server management comes in to play, giving your company the benefit of dedicated IT support professionals who will set up, monitor and maintain your servers, undertake the regular essential server administration tasks on your behalf and keep your servers running, without incurring the cost of running a full IT department.  When done well, server management tasks are often unnoticed, as the systems run smoothly and apparently effortlessly.

What are the dangers of not undertaking Server Management?

  • Server management is crucial to maintaining a healthy network.
  • Carrying out regular server maintenance prevents unplanned server downtime
  • A virus on your server can easily be transferred across your whole network.
  • If your server crashes, your workforce will be unable to operate with significant cost to the business in lost productivity.

Server Maintenance and Monitoring equips your system with the resilience it needs to keep functioning when you need it most.

Remote Server Monitoring and Support – UK Wide, 24/7

The beauty of modern remote monitoring tools means than our Server Management team can resolve issues before you have even noticed them.

Remote monitoring of servers therefore comes as standard with our Full Support package – and most routine server management tasks can also be carried out remotely.

This means that engineers are scheduled and prompted to log into your server and check log files, event manager, services, disk space, Anti-Virus updates, backups,  and much more to ensure the smooth running of your business, without you needing to do a thing.

ITCS have a state-of-the-art remote monitoring station at our South Wales Head Office, monitoring servers across the UK, 24/7.

Ongoing monitoring of servers involves log checking and preventative maintenance to minimise downtime. Here’s just some of the tasks undertaken by our server management professionals:

  • Checking disk space issues

  • Backup log checking to pre-empt possible future failures

  • Ongoing Anti-Virus audits

  • Keeping your e-mail running from your end. This includes all configuration work needed from your server or POP3 email configuration to each PC

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