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Improve Productivity with a Super-fast Broadband Connection from ITCS

Why is fast Business Broadband important?

Business Broadband is revolutionising the world of work.

Traditional business software applications, such as HR, CRM and Accounts, are increasingly moving to the cloud, and most back-ups are now done online.

Fast business broadband speeds are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity, and super-fast speeds can be achieved for most businesses with a combination of fibre optic cabling and traditional copper wire phone lines.

ITCS have partnerships with all UK providers, enabling us to tailor our solution to meet your business needs and budget.  We”ll provide your business with a reliable connection, backed up by the superb support that ITCS have built their reputation on.

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Why is ITCS Business Broadband different?

ITCS will work with the best available technology within your area, with a focus on reliability. We’re a business ourselves, and understand the frustrations that a service interruption brings. For that reason, we constantly monitor our business broadband service, ensuring your broadband connection is always there when you need it.
Our range of business broadband technologies includes:

Leased Line Services

Want to make your broadband go further? A Leased Line circuit gives you the freedom to run multiple services through a single connection – your business will never look back!

If your business depends heavily on the Internet, a leased line will deliver the highest quality in service, data transfer capability and Internet security. Enjoy fast data streaming at guaranteed upload speeds, whilst only paying for the bandwidth your business actually needs.

Leased line can also integrate a variety of business applications, including:

  • Web Hosting

    Manage your business website(s) from an internal server

  • Internet VPN

    Encrypt your internet connection to prevent data monitoring

  • Voice over IP

    Make phone calls, host video conferences, and much more!

“Thanks to ITCS, we are now benefitting from a tailored voice and data package that meets our exact needs. Their independent and unbiased advice means that we now have the right landline and broadband data packages at a great price and with excellent ongoing support from the team.”

ITCS Customer, UK Steel

Other Technologies

We also take advantage of the latest fibre services in your area, which could include:

  • Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

    A Fibre Optic line delivered to the local street cabinet, connected to your business through existing phone lines. Delivers speeds of up to 80Mbps download, and 20Mbps upload.

  • Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

    A dedicated Fibre Optic line directly into your premises. Avoid peak-time slowdown and achieve speeds of up to 330Mbps download and up to 30Mbps upload.

Are you getting the business broadband service you deserve?

If not, then ITCS are here to help. Let’s work together and get your business working faster online.

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