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In a marketplace full of unscrupulous companies offering guaranteed website traffic and preferential placement online, finding a marketing & SEO company you can trust is tough.

Nobody knows your business better than you. To get the best results you need to work with an agency that will match your online marketing & SEO presence to your focus and investment in other marketing activities. At ITCS that’s exactly what we do.

With your industry knowledge and our online expertise, ITCS can create a marketing & SEO strategy that doesn’t just sound good on paper, but delivers the results you really need.

Online Marketing & SEO from ITCS

ITCS use 4 digital mediums to deliver results for our clients

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Improve how your website is perceived by search engines. Optimising your website can make your business more relevant, more focused and more respected than the competition. ITCS help you stand out by targeting real customer search behaviour and meeting your customer’s expectations.

  • Web Content and Copywriting

    Find the right tone of voice for your business and get attention from your customers. Having a website that’s fresh, engaging, and designed for search engines will keep customers coming back for more. ITCS have professional copywriters that will help for both one-off tasks and ongoing support.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

    Boost your website visibility and reach out to more customers. Advertising on search engines, social platforms and other websites can bring in an abundance of business leads. ITCS build campaigns that are continually monitored and developed to provide the best outcomes for any budget.

  • Social Media Marketing & SEO

    Increase your online following and create a real brand identity for your business. Understanding customer needs helps build the loyalty and trust that’s crucial for success. ITCS manage social media accounts that deliver a consistent business message to existing and potential customers

Our goal at ITCS is to add real value to your business through our marketing & SEO campaigns. With informative content and customer-focused strategies, we can help your company can make a long term impact online, rather than just the short term gains that other agencies focus on.

Marketing & SEO Research

Want to find out exactly where to position your business online before starting a long term campaign? We do too.

To get to know our clients and their websites well, we have developed a flexible Marketing & SEO Research process. This allows us to analyse how well your current setup works, what your target markets are, and where you are positioned in search.

As a business, it gives you the opportunity to take stock of everything so far, and figure out your priorities going forward.

Our Marketing & SEO Research covers the following areas:

  • Keyword Research and Webpage Targeting

    Find the best keywords to use on your website, and where to use them

  • Website Link Analysis

    Find detailed information about every website that links to yours

  • Competitor Analysis

    Find information about competing sites and their marketing activity

  • PPC Campaign Review

    Find out if your paid adverts deliver the business leads you need

  • Website Technical Audit

    Find out if your website is built on good foundations for SEO

  • Website Content Audit

    Find out if your current website “works” for your customers

  • Social Media Audit

    Find out whether your social channels enhance your brand identity

Ready to get going?

At ITCS, we’ll work alongside your business every step of the way. Let’s get your website seen by more people, and make sure it appeals to all your potential customers.

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