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Get ahead of the competition and find more target customers with PPC & SEO at ITCS

ITCS has managed our PPC Adwords account for some time now and they have been a pleasure to work with from day one. We have seen a steady increase in web traffic and online enquiries because of the work carried out by the team, we also value their expert opinion on various services surrounding our industry sector.

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Digital Marketing, PPC and SEO

Digital Marketing, PPC & SEO Services that work for your business

In a marketplace full of unscrupulous start-ups offering guaranteed website traffic and preferential placement online, who do you trust?

SEO, PPC and Online Marketing has always been full of fast-talkers, here today, gone tomorrow.  With years of digital marketing experience, ITCS understand there is far more to online success than just making a promise.

Getting a site to the top of Google is only half the battle – it’s getting there with the terms your customers are looking for.

You need a digital advertising agency that understands your business model and helps you get the best from your PPC budget.

We work the way you do, using your online marketing & SEO budget to strengthen and reinforce your business brand online.

ITCS will work with you to deliver an SEO strategy that doesn’t just sound good on paper, but delivers the traffic you need.

Preparing a Digital Marketing & SEO Strategy

Want to find out exactly where to position your business online before starting a long term SEO or PPC campaign? We do too.

Our aim is to market your website to the best of our ability – and to do that, we need to understand your business, not just your website.

Before we decide how to spend your hard-won PPC budget, we learn more about what you do. We’ll look at your best customers, at where your current leads come from and which customers you should be targeting.

Then we’ll look at where your site is positioned in online searches, and what we need to do to improve those positions – and whether digital advertising could help.

As a business, having a strategic plan gives you the opportunity to take stock of everything so far, and figure out your priorities going forward.

As a Google Partner with years of experience in delivering good value in PPC, we understand the value of planning ahead – and making the most of your valuable advertising budgets.

Here’s just some of the tasks we undertake before planning a campaign:

Keyword Research

Traffic & Leads Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Existing Backlink Analysis

Putting a PPC and SEO Strategy into Place

We don’t have ‘off the peg’ marketing strategies – your business is unique.

Our digital marketing team will prepare a suggested marketing strategy specifically to suit YOUR business, incorporating any combination of the following tools:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Improve how your website is perceived by search engines. Optimising your website can make your business more relevant, more focused and more respected than the competition. ITCS help you stand out by targeting real customer search behaviour and meeting your customer’s expectations.

  • Web Content and Copywriting

    Find the right tone of voice for your business and get attention from your customers. Having a website that’s fresh, engaging, and designed for search engines will keep customers coming back for more. ITCS have professional copywriters that will help for both one-off tasks and ongoing support.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Display Advertising

    Boost your website visibility and reach out to more customers. Advertising on search engines, social platforms and other websites can bring in an abundance of business leads. ITCS build campaigns that are continually monitored and developed to provide the best outcomes for any budget.

  • Social Media Marketing & SEO

    Increase your online following and create a real brand identity for your business. Understanding customer needs helps build the loyalty and trust that’s crucial for success. ITCS manage social media accounts that deliver a consistent business message to existing and potential customers

Our goal at ITCS is to add real value to your business through our marketing & SEO campaigns. With informative content and customer-focused strategies, we can help your company can make a long term impact online, rather than just the short term gains that other agencies focus on.

Digital Publishing

We are in the age of information, and our digital publishing news platforms help our customers get their news out there.

You already know your company news – but do your potential customers?

Our publishing team specialise in taking that information and making it newsworthy, by collaborating with SEO experts. writers, PR companies and in house marketing teams.

We produce high quality digital magazines of genuine, independent interest to our readers as well as helping your news reach a wider audience.

Our news publications feature up-to-the-minute content, and each specialises in it’s own niche.

It’s part of our unique approach to SEO.

Estate Agent News

The UK’s newest news platform, sharing news from and for UK Property Professionals

Welsh Business News

News, Views and Information for Businesses in Wales & their staff

Welbeing News

The latest news about wellbeing, work, health, medicine & research, all in one handy place.

Employer News

A news site for UK employers, featuring latest HR News & Thought Leadership articles

Ready to get going?

At ITCS, we’ll work alongside your business every step of the way. Let’s get your website seen by more people, and make sure it appeals to all your potential customers.

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