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Your data is stored safely and securely by professionals who care about your business.

ITCS can provide your business with a private cloud service that enables your business to run even in the case of system failures or technical mishaps.

Cloud hosting also gives you the advantage of working remotely, so everyone in your business can access data across multiple offices or different locations on the go. With ITCS, you can be sure your data is stored safely and securely by professionals who care about your business.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing or cloud services is where IT services are hosted on the internet, meaning a business ‘consumes’ the cloud services it needs, as and when they are needed. A company doesn’t need to invest heavily in hardware and software to get the IT cloud services that its success and growth depend upon. ITCS provides a Private Cloud Service, which means that you know where your data is stored and can be secure in the knowledge of the many measures that are in place to protect it.

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?

In financial terms it switches IT from capital cost to operational cost. The ITCS Cloud Computing model provides a full corporate infrastructure normally unaffordable to SME organisations. There are many practical benefits:

  • Business Continuity built in – if a server goes down, VMware HA (High Availability) kicks in for uninterrupted service.

  • High performance and secure computing infrastructure which is both safe and fast.

  • It’s scalable. More resources can be added in minutes without server upgrades or downtime.

  • High availability with a proven uptime of 99.95%+ (excluding planned maintenance).

  • Data back-ups are the responsibility of ITCS, reducing client IT management time and effort. Data replicated off-site therefore absolute minimum risk of any loss of a data.

  • No server power is required at the client site which saves approximately £350+ p.a. per server.

  • In case of emergency at the customer’s site, the data and systems can be accessed from another office or home office immediately. There’s no loss of data and the business can be up and running in minutes not days/weeks.

  • Remote and mobile access is available to all users (where permitted) which is ideal for remote, home or mobile workers.

  • No customer maintenance is required. No hardware depreciation. All costs of equipment, maintenance, technical support and operating system upgrades are covered in a predictable monthly fee, which is treated as an operational cost not a capital expenditure.

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