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ITCS, an award-winning business technology partner, takes immense pride in holding an ISO 14001 accreditation. This prestigious certification reflects ITCS’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices. By achieving ISO 14001 accreditation, ITCS demonstrates its dedication to minimizing its environmental impact and continually improving its environmental performance.
ITCS recognizes that in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, environmental stewardship is not just a moral imperative but also a strategic necessity. By aligning its operations with the stringent requirements of ISO 14001, ITCS ensures that environmental considerations are integrated into every aspect of its business activities, from product design and development to service delivery and beyond.
Through proactive measures such as energy efficiency initiatives, waste reduction strategies, and responsible resource management, ITCS strives to minimize its carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. Moreover, the ISO 14001 accreditation serves as a testament to ITCS’s ability to meet and exceed regulatory requirements, thereby mitigating environmental risks and enhancing its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

By proudly holding an ISO 14001 accreditation, ITCS not only sets itself apart as a leader in environmental management but also inspires confidence and trust among its clients, partners, and stakeholders. It exemplifies ITCS’s enduring commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence in all its endeavours.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 14001 provides a framework for organizations to identify, prioritize, and manage their environmental risks and opportunities.

The standard outlines a set of requirements for establishing an environmental policy, conducting environmental aspects and impacts assessments, setting environmental objectives and targets, implementing operational controls and procedures, and conducting regular audits and reviews to ensure continual improvement.

ISO 14001 is applicable to organizations of all sizes and types, regardless of their geographical location, industry, or sector. By implementing ISO 14001, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability, improve resource efficiency, minimize pollution, comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and enhance their overall environmental performance.

Our quest for Net Zero

At ITCS, we recognise the importance of environmental stewardship and our responsibility in mitigating climate change. By actively participating in the SME Climate Hub, we demonstrate our commitment to reducing emissions. This aligns us with the UN Climate Change High Level Champion’s Race to Zero campaign, where we join forces with global businesses and governments to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Our pledge reflects our dedication to sustainability and shaping a greener future for all.

At ITCS, we’re passionately dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint and blazing a trail towards a sustainable future. Here’s a glimpse of the extraordinary initiatives driving our impact:

  • Solar Power Pioneers: With over 1700 solar panels on site generating a whopping 568 Kwph, we’re harnessing the power of the sun to drive our operations. And we’re not stopping there – we have ongoing plans to boost our power capacity and further reduce our carbon footprint.
  • 100% Green Energy: We exclusively purchase electricity from renewable sources, ensuring that every watt we use is clean and sustainable.
  • Bee-Friendly Initiatives: Our six bee colonies, buzzing with around 120k hard-working honeybees, play a crucial role in supporting local biodiversity. We sell the honey produced to our staff, with all proceeds going to support worthy local charities.
  • Plastic-Free Solutions: From replacing plastic cups with eco-friendly cardboard alternatives to offering canned water instead of bottled water, we’re committed to cutting down on single-use plastics wherever possible. We’ve also ditched plastic cutlery in favor of wooden ones and switched to cardboard takeaway containers.
  • Waste Reduction Measures: Food waste is converted through anaerobic digestion, ensuring that even our leftovers contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • Supporting Sustainable Lifestyles: With EV charging stations on site and allotments to support the Feed the Future campaign, we’re empowering our staff to embrace eco-friendly practices both at work and at home.
  • Biodiversity Boosters: We actively promote initiatives like “No Mow May” to support pollinators and biodiversity, while Bug, Bat, and Bird homes scattered across our site provide sanctuary for local wildlife.

ITCS: Leading the Charge Towards a Greener Future .

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