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A Legacy of Support

ITCS takes pride in serving as the driving force behind the establishment of Tondu United by providing essential funding for initial equipment. Since 2017, Tondu United has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a startup into one of Wales’ most subscribed clubs, operating at the esteemed FAW platinum standard. ITCS’s commitment to Tondu United extends beyond sponsorship; it has been a journey of shared success and growth. Reflecting on the milestones achieved together, ITCS cherishes its role as an integral member of the Tondu United family, contributing to the club’s rise from nothing to a powerhouse in Welsh football.

Unbeatable IT Solutions

Our passion extends beyond the football field. At ITCS, we offer cost-rate prices for anything IT-related and support, ensuring that businesses and individuals alike can access top-notch solutions without breaking the bank. Our dedicated team is committed to providing unparalleled service, making ITCS your go-to partner for all things tech.

Community Discounts

Tondu United’s success is our success, and we want to share that success with the community. As a token of appreciation, we extend special reduced IT support rates to Tondu United’s loyal supporters. It’s our way of saying thank you for being the heartbeat of this incredible community.

Investing in Tomorrow’s Stars

In 2021, ITCS took pride in sponsoring Tondu United’s complete girls’ mini-section and coaches, marking the initiation of their role as the exclusive club sponsor. This served as a pivotal moment in ITCS’s commitment to community support.

In 2023, ITCS extended their sponsorship, reaffirming dedication to Tondu United and the community. Transitioning from team sponsor to club sponsor, ITCS now proudly supports the entire club, including the full girls’ section and all coaches. This ongoing partnership reflects ITCS’s enduring commitment to the growth and success of Tondu United, solidifying their integral role in nurturing future football talents within the community.

Global Outreach

Beyond the borders of Tondu, ITCS believes in making a global impact. In a heartwarming initiative, ITCS contributed to sending a Tondu United football kit to Africa, spreading the love for the beautiful game to every corner of the world.

Season of Giving

In 2023, we added a special touch to Tondu United’s festive season. ITCS contributed to the club’s Christmas present for the children, spreading joy and warmth in the spirit of the holidays.

At ITCS, we’re not just a company; we’re a community-driven force dedicated to supporting dreams, nurturing talent, and making a positive impact, both locally and globally. Join us in celebrating our shared journey with Tondu United – where passion meets purpose, and dreams take flight.