Operations Director, Matthew Mutlow, Celebrates over 10 years at ITCS

At ITCS, we know that our people are our greatest asset. We believe in promoting from within and invest in our team to ensure service levels remain constant and, more importantly, to ensure our people are always learning and progressing in their knowledge and skills.

A perfect example of this type of company success story is our own Operations Director, Matthew Mutlow, who is celebrating his 11 year anniversary at the company this year. Throughout his time at ITCS, Matt has probably done most jobs within the IT Support department, working his way up from a workshop engineer in 2010.

We sat down with Matt this week to ask him about his professional journey, and what he sees coming for the company over the next 11 years.

What was your first job?

My first ever job was 3 paper rounds – all at the same time! I used to deliver a local South Wales paper from Monday to Friday after school, then another paper on a Saturday morning and a different set of Newspapers and Magazines on Sunday mornings. I also worked in a chip shop 2 nights a week – so I kept myself busy!

Why did you want to work for ITCS?

Brian and Gareth were recommended to me, through mutual business contacts. I had known of ITCS for a while, and would often buy parts from the retail shop for my own projects. It seemed like a great opportunity and I was glad to join the company.

What is your favourite memory of working within ITCS?

I have many fond memories working here – but I think my favourite would have to be the all-expenses-paid weekend away to London for the team on the company’s 10th year anniversary.

How has your role changed over the years at ITCS?

Where do I start! My role has changed drastically since starting at ITCS. I joined as a workshop engineer in May 2010, repairing PCs and Laptops for our business clients and the public.

After a few years, my role developed into co-ordinating the IT Support Department, arranging callouts, and ensuring the ticketing queue was kept on top of. This role quickly moved on to becoming the IT Support Manager when the team started to grow.

After a couple of years, I started engaging with more aspects of the business and across other departments, where I was promoted to Operations Manager, and in 2017, I was offered the position of Operations Director, which of course I gladly accepted.

What has been your biggest accomplishment whilst working for ITCS?

Becoming a Director is definitely something I am very proud of. I had worked extremely hard and put in many long hours over the years, and was ecstatic when Brian & Gareth rewarded my commitment.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in ITCS?

My biggest challenge was the steep learning curve of learning IT & Telecoms. When I first started, my knowledge was minimal, so I needed to put 100% effort into my training to able to become a valued member of the team. My background was 10 years in catering management, so the industry change was massively different.

Thankfully I had great people around me, where I gained invaluable knowledge of our services and the industry as a whole.

What aspirations do you have for ITCS in the upcoming years?

It’s exciting times for the business, with new bespoke built offices, and huge growth of the business and the team.

We have many success stories, and I’d love to see this continue through progression and training of the team, along with offering opportunities to others through more training/apprenticeships schemes completed.

For what reasons did you decide to work within the IT sector?

After working for 10 years in catering management, long hours, working evenings, weekends, Christmas’ – I knew I need a change as I had a very young family. I took a huge risk, moving away from employment that was secure and I became successful with, but so glad I took the risk, it’s worked out so well for me and my family. The IT Sector was always the one that would evolve and grow and still is.

How has the company changed over the past 11 years?

Massively. It was difficult to have a structure in place when the company was only 5 or 6 strong. Over the years with company growth and more staff, we have been able to add structure within each department, along with a structured management team.

The structure allows us to deliver our services more efficiently, which in turn aids client satisfaction and continued growth.

As a whole, what’s the best part of working for ITCS?

ITCS gives employee’s the tools they need to become successful. We pride ourselves on the success stories within the progression of the team.

My story has developed through Brian and Gareth offering opportunities and rewarding hard work and commitment. I look forward to being involved in the continued growth of the company going forward.

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WebOperations Director, Matthew Mutlow, Celebrates over 10 years at ITCS