Keyboard Hacks – 10 Shortcuts to Help You Work Faster on Windows 10

Although it’s unlikely you’ll be able to memorise every single keyboard shortcut, they really can make you much faster whilst you work on a PC. Learning and using keyboard hacks that are most important to you is a great way to enhance your Windows 10 experience.

It’s really handy to know as many shortcuts as possible for your operating system, as well as an effective time-saver. Try a keyboard hack a few times, and you’ll find out just how useful it can be.

You could even bookmark this page, and use it as a Go-To Tool whilst you learn!

1. Close Windows and View Your Desktop:

Win + D– Press it to toggle between the desktop and all the windows you have open. Be warned that if you interact with the desktop after pressing the shortcut, then you can’t use it again to un-minimize the windows and will need to maximise them again manually

2. Thumbnail Preview of current open programmes:

Alt + Tab–  Mac users may talk about how their fancy interface lets them glimpse at their current open apps without closing anything, but this shortcut lets you do just the same. The classic window-switching shortcut gives a nice thumbnail preview of each window. Keep pressing the shortcut to toggle through the windows, then release it when you’ve highlighted the window you want.

3. Open Computer Settings:

Win + I – Using this simple shortcut you can quickly open the All Settings window. Since Microsoft is slowly unifying all the control panel items with the modern Settings app, this is one of the most useful shortcuts of Windows 10.

4. Reopen Last Closed Tab:

Ctrl + Shift + T – Reopens last closed tab (works on most browsers).

5. Toggle Between Browser Tabs:

Ctrl + Tab – This shortcut allows you to quickly switch between all your currently open browser windows.

6. Open File Explorer:

Win + E – Opens your file explorer so you can quickly search through your documents.

7. Lock Computer:

Win + L – Quickly lock your computer with this shortcut

8. Refresh your current Browser page

F5 – This will refresh online pages

9. Undo – A.K.A, The Lifesaver

Ctrl + Z – No matter what program you’re running, Ctrl+Z will roll back your last action, whether you’ve just overwritten an entire paragraph in Word or deleted a file you didn’t mean to. This one is an absolute lifesaver.

10. Open Your Task Manager

Ctrl + Shift + Esc – The Task Manager is your window into everything running on your Windows system, from the open programs to the background processes. This shortcut will call up the Task Manager from wherever you are and whatever application you’re using.

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WebKeyboard Hacks – 10 Shortcuts to Help You Work Faster on Windows 10