Coronavirus return to work checklist: IT Support and Telecoms

Coronavirus Return to Work Guidance: 

Is your IT Support & Business Telecoms equipped for the ‘New Normal’?

Find out how to embrace and optimize the new normal with our IT Support & Telecoms “Coronavirus return to work checklist”.

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a demanding year. Your employees were tasked with adapting almost instantly to remote workplaces, only to now be asked to transition back when they’ve just about settled in. These constant changes are difficult, but there are ways to help. Your business should no be longer reacting to Covid-19, but be strategising for it. As a business, you need to look at the business communications solution you quickly put in place and decipher whether it was the right solution for your company.

You need to be asking where your pain points have been and if the current ways of working are sustainable long-term.

See the return to work checklist

Questions to ask when assessing your IT & Telecoms for your return to work:

  • Did your current provider support you without fail?
  • Were they able to meet your every need?
  • Was the provider quick enough to react to your business needs?
  • Were your staff fully supported from home?
  • Were staff able to use your telecoms solution as if they were in the office?
  • Is your current provider giving you the right advice and solutions you need?

The future of your business needs to combine parts of home working and office life in a sustainable way. As a result, now is the time to make sure you’ve got this right with a reliable, cost-effective cloud solution – like Microsoft 365 – and Business Telecoms you can trust.

Microsoft 365: Apps you know, business-class Cloud Services

office 365 business iconsMicrosoft 365 is redefining how you can work across office locations as well as remotely. Therefore, some of the benefits of Cloud working with Microsoft 365 include:

  • Familiar Office applications
  • 1TB Storage
  • Remote collaboration
  • IM & Video Conferencing
  • Business Class Email

Business Telecoms: office phones wherever you are

business class phone systemsReceive a free handset for each user when you install a VoIP system with us*. *Conditions apply Some of the benefits of switching to VoIP include:
  • Free calls to landlines and mobiles
  • Never miss a call
  • Twin with mobiles and desk phones

Overall, as restrictions are lifted, we want the best of both worlds because we need to combine the benefits of both office and home working.

Embrace the best elements of home working that worked for your business and build them into your everyday processes and technology choices with ITCS.

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