How To Get a Job in IT Support – 2022 Guide

The technology sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the UK economy, with a growth rate that was 2.5 times higher than the rest of the economy in 2021. That’s great news for people who are interested in working in the sector. In fact, reported that IT Support Professionals were the 2nd highest demanded tech job role in 2020.

IT Support is a growing industry with great career prospects. so how can you get an IT Support job in 2022?

At ITCS, we’re a leading provider of IT Support & Digital Services in Wales. People often ask us how they can get a job in IT Support, so we decided to put our best advice together in one place.

Here’s our best advice on how to get an IT Support Job in Wales in 2022.

Build a Superb CV

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Your CV is a snapshot of your professional background, and it’s usually the first opportunity that employers get to find out information about you. For most employers, your CV will be your chance to make a first impression. Therefore, a high-quality CV could be your most valuable asset when it comes to successfully landing interviews for IT Support positions. We’ve seen our fair share of CVs over the years, here are our top tips on building a superb IT Support CV:

Layout is Key

You’ve got a limited amount of space to convey a lot of information, if a CV is too long it’s much more likely to be ignored. This makes it vital to be concise, and only list the information that is the most relevant to the job that you’re applying for.

The Inverted Pyramid Structure can be a great guideline to follow. Start with the most vital information about yourself, such as your contact information. Then, list the most significant aspects of your professional profile and provide details about them. Finally, mention any additional relevant information that makes you a unique candidate for the role.

Mention Relevant Training & Experience

Experience & Knowledge are the 2 most sought-after qualities when it comes to hiring for IT Support. This makes it highly valuable to have a strong body of Training & Experience on your CV. List the names of any relevant qualifications or courses that you’ve been on over the years.

Make sure to mention the names of the institutions and the level of qualification that you’ve earned. If you’re struggling to find things to list, there are plenty of courses available online that can be a great way to develop your professional skillset.

Work Experience is also highly important! Even if you don’t have tech experience, your previous roles could have helped you to develop non-technical skills that are highly desirable in IT Support. Customer service is a great example of this!

Highlight Your Skills

IT Support is an industry that requires technical expertise, so it’s important that you can clearly indicate your technical knowledge in your CV. Don’t overgeneralize in this area. Be specific and name the software and hardware that you’re proficient in using.

Bullet Points or Numbered Lists can be a great way to highlight the depth of your technical knowledge at a glance, which can be a great way to grab an employer’s attention. If you can’t list official courses or job roles that are tech-based, give examples of technical issues that you’ve resolved in the past

Tech Support Skills are important, but IT Support involves more than just problem resolution. Communication skills, Adaptability & Teamwork are all examples of additional skills that are highly desirable for IT Support roles. Therefore, highlighting these additional skills on your CV is a great way to catch the eye of a potential employer!

If you have a Driver’s Licence, make sure you include this information!

Manage your Digital Presence

How to get a job in IT Support - Manage your Digital Presence

In 2022 managing your digital presence is vital for businesses, and it’s no different for job-seekers! Employers are highly likely to do online research on potential employees, which means they’ll be looking you up on Google!

Start an incognito window, and run a search of your full name on Google and any relevant Social Media platforms. If you find anything that could be detrimental to your employment prospects, you should make an effort to remove or set the posts to private. This may include posts that you consider to be harmless. For example, some employers may look unfavorably at candidates who frequently post images featuring alcohol.

LinkedIn is a great Social Media platform to help develop your online presence in a business-focused environment and can be a great place to look for jobs.

Ace Your Interview

How to get a job in IT Support - Ace your interview

An Interview will normally be the final obstacle between you and a job in IT support, so it’s important to be prepared for the event! Do your research about the business before you arrive, and make sure you’ve got a route planned so that you’re not late on the day. Your appearance is your first impression, so make sure you’re looking sharp!

A great way to prepare for an interview is to put yourself in your employer’s shoes. Think about if you were hiring an IT Support Engineer, what type of questions would you ask? You can find some example interview questions online to help yourself prepare. It can also be helpful to have relevant anecdotes that show your ability to perform in an IT Support environment.

Be Proactive

If you’ve been invited to an interview, it’s a great idea to be proactive when communicating with the employer. Getting in touch before your interview can be a great way to show proactivity to the employer and will help set you apart from the other candidates under consideration. A quick phone call to ask for advice on directions or parking will go a surprisingly long way with potential employers.

Start Applying!

Now that you’ve read our advice on how to get an IT Support job in Wales, you’re ready to hit the job market and start applying for roles! If you’re interested in working for one of the leading IT Support Providers in Wales, check out the vacancies on our website:

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