VoIP FAQs: Your questions answered about VoIP Phone Systems

With the Phaseout of ISDN Systems imminent, the technology that we are using to communicate is changing.  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the future of business telephony.

A common hesitation with business owners is that after years of doing things the same way, your team may be hesitant to embrace a switch to a new VoIP communications system. Both you and your staff may have concerns about the new technology, and what the change will mean for you all on a daily basis.

We have put together a few of the most commonly asked questions about VoIP systems and have answered them as clearly as possible to reassure you and your staff that the transition is well worth it.

1. What does VoIP stand for?

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol.

2. How does the technology work?

VoIP uses the internet to make phone calls. It does this by taking analogue voice signals and converting them into digital signals. These signals can then be sent as data over your broadband line.

A digital signal is more efficient than analogue, and costs less money. Anyone who has used a program like Skype has used VoIP to communicate.

3. Are VoIP phones secure?

VoIP uses your broadband lines to make calls, so as long as your internal network is secure, then your phone network will be too. Ensure you have a good Disaster Recovery System in place and you are using a trusted IT Support Provider, so the risk of falling victim to hacking or cyber-crime is minimal. ITCS ensure that security is a priority when we look at your system in readiness for VoIP.

3. What features do VoIP systems bring to businesses?

Some of the features with these systems include dynamic call handling, pre-recorded messages, and seamless transfers at the touch of a button. The systems completely erase the barrier between phone systems and internet browsers.  You can engage in video calls with any compatible device, incorporate other communication services like instant messaging, teleconferencing, receive voicemail and faxes via email, and much more.

4. Is VoIP complicated to use?

Although feature-rich and completely modern, VoIP telephones function much the same way as an old fashioned handset. You can configure the phone with the same keypresses to pick up, and transfer calls.

ITCS provide you full support when we introduce telecoms to businesses so that you’re confident with your new system. We provide training, number porting, provisioning, and assistance. This will give you complete peace of mind.

5. What equipment is required to use VoIP?

Besides the cost savings, setting up and maintaining a VoIP system is a much simpler job than with traditional telephone systems. This is because there is so little on-site equipment compared to traditional ISDN networks. Only pay for the users you need.

6. Is VoIP expensive? 

The expense of these systems is a very common myth. In fact, you’ll save money. Enjoy lower international calling rates, free calling features, as well as lower monthly service costs. The feature-rich element of VoIP systems means that you can get rid of single-use devices and enjoy voice, video, fax, voicemail and more in one device.

7. I’ve heard that the sound quality is really unreliable. Is that true?

A persistent myth surrounding VoIP is that because it relies on internet connections, the voice quality will suffer. This myth has really stuck around from the very early days of VoIP when networks were slower and less sophisticated. Broadband has come on a long way, but as with many things in business and in life, you get what you pay for.

In other words, the better your business broadband connection, the higher quality your VoIP telephone system is going to be.

Current internet and 4G connections represent a huge leap in technological progress – it’s a case of ensuring you have the bandwidth to support your network.

8. I don’t run a large business – is VoIP right for me?

You don’t have to be a large corporation to benefit. It is a truly versatile communications solution. SMEs and startups can benefit because it’s so easy to set-up and use, and you can add new phones as your business grows. Plus you can benefit from various business features that come with the system, adding to the professionalism of your company.

Are you ready to discover more about upgrading your business phone system to a VoIP solution? Do you have more questions? The ITCS team are always happy to help. Call us today on 08456 444 200, or email: You can also fill out a contact form.

WebVoIP FAQs: Your questions answered about VoIP Phone Systems